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Weekly Photo #15

Here’s my weekly photo #15, another one I managed to get out the car window with my iPhone. It was a lovely foggy morning, and as I was crossing over a bridge, I liked how the row of round shrubs was set against the fog. Photo was cropped to look like a panorama and “awesomized” in the Camera Awesome phone app.


Weekly Photo #14

It’s been a great week, and here’s my weekly photo number 14. This is once again taken at my workplace (yes, I think I spend too much time here). There are some lovely trees here on base and the beauty really comes out on lovely Spring days. Taken with my iPhone and minor editing done in PS Express.


Weekly Photo #13

20120327-102051.jpgHere’s my weekly photo 13…looks like we’re a quarter of the way through 2012 already! This picture was taken right outside my workplace. Beauty can even be found on a military base, especially this time of year! I like the bright pink against the blue sky. Taken with my iPhone.

Weekly Photo #12

Time for my weekly photo….here’s another one during my morning commute. I was stopped at a traffic light and couldn’t resist snapping this picture through the car window. It was another lovely misty, foggy yet sunny morning. Taken with my iPhone. Happy first day of Spring!


Weekly Photo #10

Things have been just strumming along with work, painting my pig, running, and preparing for a trip to Florida this week. I even made it to the current issue of Hampton Roads Magazine with my pig! I haven’t forgotten about my weekly photos, though…here is photo #10. This was taken at Smithfield Station soon before dusk. Taken on my iPhone.


Weekly Photo #9

My photo of the week is a bit of an experiment…my first infrared photo. I purchased a Hoya Infrared Filter and I used my 5D Mark II with the filter and a tripod. This was a 20 second exposure and adjustments were made in Photoshop RAW.


Weekly Photo #8

This week’s photo was a little easier, because my husband and I took a little weekend getaway (thanks, Groupon!), so I had a chance to walk around with my good camera. This was taken in the cute town of Urbanna, VA outside a cafe. Taken with my 5D Mk II and adjusted in RAW in Photoshop.


Weekly Photo #6

Weekly Photo #6 - Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

Weekly Photo #6 - Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

Here’s my sixth weekly photo for 2012…one I took at the start of my morning commute. Sometimes when I leave for work, there is such beautiful sunlight streaming through the woods. This was taken with my iPhone. The contrast and saturation were adjusted with mobile PS Express.

Weekly Photo #5


Here’s my fifth photo of the week, and I’m excited about it. I used a confetti drinking glass and played around with the lighting of it. After trying a few angles, I thought to actually put my iPhone cam right in the glass opening. I’ve always been interested in this unique view that you see when you drink from a glass. The confetti glass makes this view even more unique! For post-processing, I played around with the saturation and adjusted the exposure a little in Photoshop Express on my phone.

Weekly Photo #4

Sunrise Weekly Photo

Sunrise Weekly Photo

Here’s my 4th weekly photo for 52 week photo project. When I left for work this morning, there was a beautiful sunrise mixed with early morning fog and interesting clouds. Despite it not being the safest thing to do (don’t try this at home, kids), I couldn’t help but snap a couple shots during my commute with my iPhone (the camera was already set up, just had to touch the photo icon). I later used Photoshop Express on my phone to play with the contrast and saturation a bit.

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