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Weekly Photo #16

For a change of scenery, this week I took a photo of my cat, who likes to sprawl out while I’m knitting. Taken with my iPhone and converted to black and white in PS Express. I like the textures of this one, as well as the contrast of her light fur against the dark shapes of the yarn and shadows of the couch cushions. And, of course, I think she’s cute.


Weekly Photo #10

Things have been just strumming along with work, painting my pig, running, and preparing for a trip to Florida this week. I even made it to the current issue of Hampton Roads Magazine with my pig! I haven’t forgotten about my weekly photos, though…here is photo #10. This was taken at Smithfield Station soon before dusk. Taken on my iPhone.


Weekly Photo #7

Illuminated Tree

Illuminated Tree Weekly Photo #7

Here’s my Weekly Photo #7. I was heading out of the Y last night after my workout and noticed how this tree was illuminated by the lit YMCA sign next to it (on the right side), in contrast to the colors of the street lighting. I used my iPhone again (that thing sure is handy) and bumped up the contrast and saturation a little in PS Express on the phone.

Weekly Photo #6

Weekly Photo #6 - Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

Weekly Photo #6 - Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

Here’s my sixth weekly photo for 2012…one I took at the start of my morning commute. Sometimes when I leave for work, there is such beautiful sunlight streaming through the woods. This was taken with my iPhone. The contrast and saturation were adjusted with mobile PS Express.

Weekly Photo #5


Here’s my fifth photo of the week, and I’m excited about it. I used a confetti drinking glass and played around with the lighting of it. After trying a few angles, I thought to actually put my iPhone cam right in the glass opening. I’ve always been interested in this unique view that you see when you drink from a glass. The confetti glass makes this view even more unique! For post-processing, I played around with the saturation and adjusted the exposure a little in Photoshop Express on my phone.

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