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Weekly Photos 40, 41, 42

Well, life has been a whirlwind these last few weeks and I’ve fallen behind with posting my photos. I’ve still been snapping away, though, and finally have a chance to catch up, while sitting at home through the hurricane. Here’s photos for weeks 40-42. All taken with my iPhone.




Weekly Photos 38 and 39

Hi folks! I’m just catching up here… Here are weekly photos 38 and 39. Photo 38 is another one taken from a bridge during my commute (another crazy sky!) and the other is from my weekly trail run. Both taken with my iphone. Enjoy!


Barca Fun







Oh my!!! Time has certainly flown by, and maybe, just maybe, you were wondering what happened to me. Between computer problems, my trip to Spain, my “pig reveal”, and being sick a couple times (my immune system is still pretty out of whack after the surgery/radiation), I got behind. Do not fret, though, because I still have taken many photos…I just didn’t get to post them, to share with you fine folks. Let me make this up to you with several photos of my recent trip to Barcelona. Enjoy and I plan to be sharing more tidbits very soon!!

Weekly Photo #20

Here’s the weekly photo…we’ve been getting so much rain lately, resulting in plants and flowers looking so lush. So, I thought this photo would be appropriate. Taken with iPhone and adjusted in PS Express.

Also, three of my photos have been submitted for a Fine Art America photo contest. Please vote for my submissions here (shameless plugs are indeed allowed and encouraged by FAA for this contest):

Thanks for voting!


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