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Weekly Photo #22

Well, I caught up on some sleep and am getting back into my routine. As promised, here is Weekly Photo #22, also taken in Barcelona. This is a dusk shot of the Port Vell area, after the lights came on and the evening crowds started developing for a night of entertainment. Taken with my iPhone.

Once I sort through all of my Canon 5D photos, I’ll be posting some of those too. Enjoy!


Weekly Photo #8

This week’s photo was a little easier, because my husband and I took a little weekend getaway (thanks, Groupon!), so I had a chance to walk around with my good camera. This was taken in the cute town of Urbanna, VA outside a cafe. Taken with my 5D Mk II and adjusted in RAW in Photoshop.


Weekly Photo #7

Illuminated Tree

Illuminated Tree Weekly Photo #7

Here’s my Weekly Photo #7. I was heading out of the Y last night after my workout and noticed how this tree was illuminated by the lit YMCA sign next to it (on the right side), in contrast to the colors of the street lighting. I used my iPhone again (that thing sure is handy) and bumped up the contrast and saturation a little in PS Express on the phone.

Weekly Photo #6

Weekly Photo #6 - Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

Weekly Photo #6 - Sunlight Streaming Through the Trees

Here’s my sixth weekly photo for 2012…one I took at the start of my morning commute. Sometimes when I leave for work, there is such beautiful sunlight streaming through the woods. This was taken with my iPhone. The contrast and saturation were adjusted with mobile PS Express.

Weekly Photo #4

Sunrise Weekly Photo

Sunrise Weekly Photo

Here’s my 4th weekly photo for 52 week photo project. When I left for work this morning, there was a beautiful sunrise mixed with early morning fog and interesting clouds. Despite it not being the safest thing to do (don’t try this at home, kids), I couldn’t help but snap a couple shots during my commute with my iPhone (the camera was already set up, just had to touch the photo icon). I later used Photoshop Express on my phone to play with the contrast and saturation a bit.

Weekly Photo


Here’s my weekly photo (number 2) for my 52 week photo project. I was driving home from the gym last night and only had my iPhone on me, but wanted to capture the lovely reflections in the James River on this clear evening (Note: I DID pull over to take pic – no shooting while driving!). Although limited in the equipment I had on me, I like the painterly quality of this photo.

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