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Survivor Sticker

Cancer Survivor Euro style sticker

Cancer Survivor Euro style sticker

As I’ve been training for my first race ever (Monument Avenue 10K) as a previous non-runner, I’ve been thinking about my journey for the past 5 months from “Couch” to 10K. The first time I ran (2 weeks after my high dose of 150 mci of Radioactive Iodine for my thyroid cancer), I could barely run 1/3 of a mile. Now I can run 6.2 miles. It has been a journey full of challenges (including cancer, asthma,  and reactive hypoglycemia, just to name a few). I was also thinking about those Euro style “26.2” and “13.1” stickers (they even have “6.2” versions!) that race finishers often (deservedly) show off. It certainly is a milestone and a wonderful accomplishment, especially for those with health challenges and other obstacles. However, I was thinking that for me, at least, my journey with dealing with a diagnosis of cancer has been so much more challenging than this 10K. Why not show off the accomplishment of being a cancer survivor with a “Survivor” sticker?! For many, this will be the greatest challenge of our lives. Although I found many ‘survivor’ decals and stickers offered online, I didn’t see any of these Euro-style accomplishment stickers for survivors, hence I designed one (check it out at my CafePress shop).

Congrats to all the race finishers and cancer survivors out there and be proud of what you have accomplished!


Spread Thyroid Awareness All Year Round

Thyroid Cancer Survivor and Awareness Shirts

On a previous post I talked about my thyroid cancer survivor and awareness shirts I designed in honor of Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. Well, September is long gone, but we should spread the awareness all year round.

I’ve made a couple more designs since then, one that goes well on light and white t-shirts and another design which is less feminine, for male thyroid cancer survivors or loved ones. Check them out here. As before, 10% of net proceeds go to ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association. It might even make a good holiday gift for that survivor in your life, to show you appreciate the struggles and obstacles they have overcome. If you know a survivor, pass it on and help spread the awareness!

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Survivor T-Shirts

Thyroid Cancer T Shirt

Thyroid Cancer Survivor Butterfly T-Shirt to help raise awareness

Although, still in the midst of my treatment for papillary thyroid cancer, in the meantime I’m getting impatient about finding something useful to do about thyroid cancer awareness. When my treatment is finished (at least for now), I’d like to start a support group…however, until then, I thought I could design thyroid cancer awareness t-shirts. I already had a Cafe Press account, so, to hit the ground running, I uploaded a couple designs to my CP page.

10% of  net proceeds will be donated to ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association. Spread the word, not the cancer! Spreading awareness of the disease can lead to earlier detection in patients (like myself) who may not have known to have their neck checked. Awareness also leads to greater funding in ThyCa research…which may lead to improved treatments and maybe even, a cure! Roughly 1500-1800 people die every year of Thyroid Cancer and countless others have multiple surgeries and radiation treatments for stubborn cases of ThyCa.

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