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Weekly Photo #15

Here’s my weekly photo #15, another one I managed to get out the car window with my iPhone. It was a lovely foggy morning, and as I was crossing over a bridge, I liked how the row of round shrubs was set against the fog. Photo was cropped to look like a panorama and “awesomized” in the Camera Awesome phone app.


My 52 Week Photo Project

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to try a 52 week photo challenge by taking and posting a photograph once a week. Today’s almost the 7th, so time was up for my first entry! The challenge is to find different topics and photo opportunities during one’s regular daily grind, using whatever camera one has on hand. For me, this means taking shots with my iPhone where I spend the most time….at work on a military base. This isn’t usually the most inspirational environment…in fact, walking around base with a camera is considered pretty suspicious activity! Hence, my challenge…

I took a lunchtime walk today and always enjoy the line of trees here amidst the industrial buildings, so I captured one of the Winter bare trees against a bright blue sky


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