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Weekly Photo #20

Here’s the weekly photo…we’ve been getting so much rain lately, resulting in plants and flowers looking so lush. So, I thought this photo would be appropriate. Taken with iPhone and adjusted in PS Express.

Also, three of my photos have been submitted for a Fine Art America photo contest. Please vote for my submissions here (shameless plugs are indeed allowed and encouraged by FAA for this contest):

Thanks for voting!


Weekly photo #19

Here’s my weekly photo #19. In the midst of being worried about medical test results, I decided to take a lesson in seizing the day and not letting life pass me by, despite my worry. It’s a beautiful day and I decided to use my good camera and take a walk in the park. The dappled sunlight throughout the woods was lovely. Taken with my 5D mk ii and adjusted in Camera RAW.


Weekly Photo #18

This week has been hectic with medical appointments, work, and projects. But I managed to get in a little time with friends while strawberry picking. This week’s photo shows the results of my picking. Taken with iPhone and adjusted in PS Express.


Weekly Photo #17

Here’s weekly photo 17. Since I seem to be indoors in my cubicle a large portion of the week, this week it seemed a struggle to find a good outside shot. Even my commutes tended to be rainy or dreary. So, I figured I’d take a shot of something in my cubicle, however it also reminds me of the great outdoors, particularly the ocean. I found this sand dollar myself on a remote barrier island off the Eastern Shore of VA. They nickname this spot “Sand Dollar Island”. My husband and I visited there on the weekend before my dad’s death last year, so it is bittersweet for me. Taken with my iPhone, converted to black and white, sepia, and cropped in PS Express.


Weekly Photo #16

For a change of scenery, this week I took a photo of my cat, who likes to sprawl out while I’m knitting. Taken with my iPhone and converted to black and white in PS Express. I like the textures of this one, as well as the contrast of her light fur against the dark shapes of the yarn and shadows of the couch cushions. And, of course, I think she’s cute.


Weekly Photo #15

Here’s my weekly photo #15, another one I managed to get out the car window with my iPhone. It was a lovely foggy morning, and as I was crossing over a bridge, I liked how the row of round shrubs was set against the fog. Photo was cropped to look like a panorama and “awesomized” in the Camera Awesome phone app.


Weekly Photo #14

It’s been a great week, and here’s my weekly photo number 14. This is once again taken at my workplace (yes, I think I spend too much time here). There are some lovely trees here on base and the beauty really comes out on lovely Spring days. Taken with my iPhone and minor editing done in PS Express.


Weekly Photo #13

20120327-102051.jpgHere’s my weekly photo 13…looks like we’re a quarter of the way through 2012 already! This picture was taken right outside my workplace. Beauty can even be found on a military base, especially this time of year! I like the bright pink against the blue sky. Taken with my iPhone.

Weekly Photo #12

Time for my weekly photo….here’s another one during my morning commute. I was stopped at a traffic light and couldn’t resist snapping this picture through the car window. It was another lovely misty, foggy yet sunny morning. Taken with my iPhone. Happy first day of Spring!


Weekly Photo #11

I spent a few days in Florida this past week for a quick fun visit with friends who just moved there. We stopped for a few minutes to see this beach. Loved the turquoise water and blue sky. Taken with my iPhone.

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